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Trident IR Illuminator

Trident IR Illuminator

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High capacity without "memory" effect and protected board, and long working time.
Ultra low self-discharge.
Imported battery cells, rechargeable times up to 1000 times.
Precise digital protection circuit built-in.
High efficiency batteries for your flashlight or other devices.


Type: AAA Rechargeable lithium battery(not included)
Model: 14500
Color:Blue (Optional)
Capacity: 900mAh
Normal Voltage: 3.7V
Internal Resistance: ≤120mΩ
Charging Current: 2750mA
Charging Voltage: 4.2V
Charging Time: 2 hours
Quantity: 1pcs
Item Size: 14mm(Diameter)5mm(length)
Item Weight: 36g / 1.3oz

Package List:

1 * IR 850nm Flashlight




1 * IR IR 950nm Flashlight


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